Welcome to Zoom Communications

Let's face it: as anyone who is familiar with the industry knows, the world of telecommunications has become very complicated. With dozens of carriers along with dynamic and ever changing technological options, there are hundreds of ways to design a network. Further complicating matters, many telecom carriers merge, change their business focus and employ vastly different contract terms and tax structures. Keeping up with the ever changing landscape of the telecom industry requires vigilance and is a full time job.

Unfortunately for most businesses, telecom procurement responsibility usually falls to IT directors who are often already overburdened by other projects and responsibilities and far too busy to keep a finger on the pulse of the telecom world. Often the bidding process involves carrier direct sales people who overpromise and then disappear as soon as the business is closed. Zoom Communications and our customers believe there is a better way.

At Zoom Communications, we are independent telecom solutions experts and we've built strategic partnerships with every major carrier. Our customers say they prefer our unbiased and objective approach to working with direct agents who have an agenda. Most importantly, your company will never pay more by working through us and WE (Not just a customer care team) support our customers throughout the life of your contract. We invite you to browse the rest of our website to learn more about Zoom, and see the solutions we provide for both our customers and referral partners in greater detail.